How Cleaning Can Help Get Rid Of Allergies

Cleaning your house regularly can help keep your allergies at bay. Some cleaning techniques like shampooing the carpet or using cleaners that are heavily scented can make your allergies worse.

8 Cleaning tips you could use to keep your allergies at bay

1. Remove clutter from your house.

Piles of clothing or boxes are capable of attracting and keeping dust and other allergens. Those piles of boxes or clothes are also capable of hiding roaches and other bugs like dust mites. Therefore, remove all the clutter from the house thus reducing chances of dust collecting.

2. Vacuum twice or once a week

If you are allergic to dust and other allergens, make sure your house is vacuumed once or twice a week. Shark and Dyson vacuums clean efficiently removing allergens. Also, make sure your vacuum cleaner consists of a HEPA filter to suck even the tiniest of the allergens when you use a normal vacuum cleaner, chances are, you vacuum the dust off the floor or any other surface then you release them back into the air. Some of these dust particles are so tiny that they pass through a regular vacuum and that is why you still suffer from your allergies even after vacuuming twice or even thrice a week.

3. Wear a mask when cleaning

Wear a mask when you are cleaning to reduce chances of you breathing in the dust. Once you are done, leave the house for a few hours so that you can reduce your exposure to the allergens that might still be hanging in the air.

4. Do not use scented detergents and cleaners

Fragrances in cleaners and detergents are allergy triggers. It is best advised to avoid them at all costs if you want to keep allergies at bay. Fragrance-free products are good for people with allergies.

5. Clean bedsheets in hot water

Washing bed sheets with hot water help in killing dust mites. Just make sure the water is hot for up to 130F or even more because no dust mite can survive such heat. For kids who have allergies, it is advisable to wash their bedding and stuffed animals with hot water-the the same temperature.

6. Keep the bathrooms mold free

Keep the tiles clean by scrubbing them regularly. Clean the shower curtains regularly as well; occasionally you can toss them into the washing machine. Most important, keep the bathrooms well aerated.

7. Use a damp cloth when cleaning

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When you use a damp cloth, you will trap the allergens with the dampness instead of scattering them into the air. By doing so, you reduce chances of you inhaling that dust or the allergens or some dust particles settling back to where you had cleaned.

8. Other things you might need to consider keeping allergens away

Some of them are not cleaning, but they will help to keep allergies at bay.

Get rid of horizontal blinds or drapes because they trap a lot of dust; use roll shades instead.

Stop using rugs and carpets of you can help since they trap a lot of dust and this dust is what causes allergies. Also, if you must have rugs, make use of small ones that can be tossed into the washing machine. If you can help it, get tiles, vinyl or hardwood floors since they are easy to clean and they don’t retain dust.

Take your shoes off before you enter the house; by removing your shoes at the door, you reduce chances of getting dust and pollen into the house.

Keep pets out of the bedroom; if you are allergic to pets or dust, keep pets out of your bedroom. In fact, keep pets out of your bed.

Use air condition instead of opening windows: when it gets hot, instead f opening your windows, it is best if you use the AC. With an AC, you will get fresh air from the outside, and the best thing is that the AC will filter dust, pollen, and other triggers.

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